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Annabelle's Oils and Incense

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Interesting Facts

Did You Know? 

You can make your OWN spray room freshener by mixing 1 part scented oil to 4 parts CHEAP american made vodka! To make as a body scent, use 1 part scented oil to 2 or 3 parts vodka, depending on the strength you like. No denatured alcohols resembling lighter fluid! No allergens!  

Think synthetic oils are useless? THINK AGAIN!

I have a repellant oil made entirely of synthetics, and many of my customers SWEAR by it! It started as a few dabs on a scarf placed around a dog's neck, and it snowballed from there. Many of my customers love it's pleasing scent and positive results! It has been used successfully to keep away gnats, mosquitoes, yellow jackets and more!

You Can Make Your Own Resin Burner!

I met a very interesting man in my years at the flea markets. He was a mennenite preacher, and had his own way of making a resin pot. Ordinary scissors, a soft drink can, and a votive candle makes a perfect vessel for resins! No need for messy charcoals and horrid smoke! Just take your scissors and snip off the TOP of the can. Cut three equal slits around the can. place the can upside down on a stable surface, a few pieces of resin in the well, and a lit votive candle under it, and you have a perfect way to burn resin without the mess! I add a small amount of unscented oil to the small well, just to keep it from burning the can, and it makes the resin last so much longer! 

Cranapple is one of the BEST deodorizing scents around! Following the instructions for making a room spreay or body spray, mix 1 part cranapple to 2 parts CHEAP american made vodka, and you can kill even the toughest of odors! I have even removed the smell of MOLD! 

Who Need Fancy Incense Burners?

Sure, if you weant one, go ahead, buy one. I used to sell them at my booth. it kept some of my customers happy. After all, what's selling incense without having burners to go with them....
Well, you don't need them. In my years of experience, I have found that clean sand placed in a tall drinking glass or other tall glass vessel works the BEST. It is clean(no falling ashes), SAFE(again, no falling ashes), and you don't need to worry that if you leave the house and forget to put out the incense that you will come home to a house-a-fire! If the cat, the dog or the baby knock over the glass, it will be extinguished by the sand. If you have to put it out before it's done burning, simply turn the hot head over into the sand and walk away. No poking the head out, and you can re-light it when ever you wish!

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