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Annabelle's Oils and Incense

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My Policies

First of all, I need to post this disclaimer:

"I shall not be held responsible for the lore, myths, and legends associated with certain oils, incense and resins. Liability rests soley with the purchaser, and by acknowleding payment, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions."

I am not a physician, nurse or any other form of homeopathic therapist. If you are looking to purchase ANY of my products for these reasons, PLEASE seek advice from a medical professional FIRST.

All items that I sell are subject to availability. While I try to keep all my listed items in stock, I could run out at any given time, which it wil be time to reorder. When reordering imorted incense, it can sometimes take MONTHS to have the container make it through the final inspection. I don't always have this issue, but it has happened to me in th past. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Thank You!

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Annabelle's Oils and Incense...Attleboro..Massachusetts